InterNations: Pre-Christmas Party


The members of InterNations in Västra Götaland Regionen (West Sweden) gathered on the last Friday of November 2018 at Clarion Hotel Post by Central Station in Gothenburg aka Göteborg the 400-year-old city in Sweden and the second largest. About 100 members from more than 40 countries gathered for the monthly meeting to socialize and to network, and to catch up with one another at another time if they happen to click, or if they happen to have professional commonalities or mutual outdoor activities.

There were few first timers ranging from students to newly-arrived in Gothenburg for jobs at AstraZeneca to Volvo among others. A Briton, who has come to study at the University of Gothenburg, said that Sweden has better educational facilities in terms of academic programme and tuition fees which pulled him from that country to this country.

Lucia Stan, the ambassador of InterNations in Gothenburg, said that the last event of 2018 in December is not finalized yet. But those who are interested to attend the last Friday’s event in December, on 28th, have the chance to spend time over a dinner with members of InterNations community.

Rebwar Failli, an Interior Architect and part-time DJ, and Sofia Landgren, the electric violinist enthralled the guests with music.

The notable absentee is Raghu Sharma, the former ambassador of InterNations in Gothenburg, and was an active member with his convivial nature and hospitable personality. He has moved to Austria as he got better professional opportunities and financial rewards. What were his views on Gothenbuerg? He said that people are friendly in Gothenburg. Many immigrants and expats who come to Sweden for education or jobs think that t Swedes are cold but NO. He suggests the foreigners should first try to talk to locals!

InterNations is one of the very few platforms in Gothenburg and in West Sweden to meet people from different countries and cultures.

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