It, Its, It’s & IT


It, Its, It’s & IT

It is soporific to have a glass of milk before going to bed. It (milk) has sleep-inducing properties, and its (milk’s) health benefits are there though it’s a shame many do not appreciate especially the IT professionals.

It: It is a pronoun: refers to something or someone, living and non-living things.

It is a snake, stay away!

The Himalayan mountain chain is spread over India, Pakistan, China, Bhutan, and Nepal and it (Himalayas) attracts mountaineers from all over the world. Its major attraction is Mt Everest the world’s tallest peak located in Nepal.

“Sometimes history acts like a housewife. It whispers in the ears of the present what bearing events of the past could have on the future. It is up to the present to pay heed to it. But those who represented India’s present always acted as arrogant husbands. They never listened. They never took note.” HELLO, BASTAR: The Untold Story of India’s Maoist Movement by Rahul Pandita

Avoid using it to people because some may find it offensive. “We are lucky to have her,” she said. “It is cute,” her husband said. “My baby is not it. We will give a name to it soon,” the wife said. “It, you said?” her husband wondered.

The teacher came into the class and found out it was a mess. The furniture was vandalized. She yelled at the students, “Who did this?” Michael said: “It is I.”

Martha’s husband called his mother-in-law and gave the news to her: “We are blessed with a baby.” The mother-in-law asked: “Is it a boy or a girl.”

It is used as the subject of an impersonal verb (It is hot. It is Saturday today. It is a long walk). It acts as a substitute for a vague object (You have to get it), and as a deferred subject or object (It is annoying to stay with him).

IT: IT in uppercase is an abbreviation for Information Technology in computing. The IT industry has seen an exponential growth in India but its (IT industry’s) challenges are many.

Its: Its is a possessive pronoun: when one thing owns another, refers to of or belongint to it or itself, its is the possessive form of it, and plural possessive of they.

It is the best way to be healthy (jogging). Its (jogging’s) benefits are many.

One can see its merits when one works hard to achieve something.

The elephant damaged its tusk when it tried to enter the fenced sugarcane crop.

It’s: It’s is a contraction of two words it and is. It’s easier to preach but always harder to practice. It’s is also a contraction of two words it and has:  It’s been in the news for all the political upheavals but Egypt will spring back to normalcy. It’s been twelve years yet we haven’t met, it shall come (the day when we will meet).

“It’s not easy out there. It’s quite slow and I think we played some good cricket.” -Joe Root.

IT’S (not Information Technology’s) quite often said that the key to success is not known but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. – The Sunday Statesman 6 October 2013

It is shining!

It is raining!

It is snowing!

Where is it that you want to be in the world?