KD in Gotheburg: ‘Companies create jobs, jobs create welfare, so companies are the base of the welfare state’


Hampus Hagman is entering into the electoral landscape for the first time from Gothenburg aka Göteborg representing Kristdemokraterna (the Christian Democratic Party: KD). He said ‘the opinion polls say we are doing very well’ and ‘we are campaigning until the last minute of the polls. We have a very good momentum here … right now’.

Elections are taking place on Sunday, 9 September 2018, in Sweden for the three levels of government formation: local, regional and national.

KD is one of the four political parties in an alliance along with the Moderates, the Liberals, and the Centre Party. According to the party members, they are hopeful that the alliance is likely to form the government at the national level.

In Gothenburg, Hampus Hagman is optimistic about his electoral fortunes and the party. He said, “This will actually be a very good elections for us as the party, and I also think that for me personally of course it is very interesting if I get the opportunity to be an MP. It is really an exciting time right now.” He attributed the revival of KD to its leader Ebba Busch Thor: “She has done an awesome campaign. Very good in debates, comes out very well in interviews, people have really gotten to know here – as the new party leader it is hard to enter into the public opinion but she made a breakthrough.”

Gothenburg’s Maritime Trade:

Hampus Hagman said his priorities as a politician will be to give a boost to Gothenburg’s maritime trade and transport for the city is a seaside and riverside city on which it has relied upon. And, he want to work in encouraging smaller and medium-sized companies to flourish for which he said there should be a climate of ease for them to start and succeed. He said, “Companies create jobs, jobs create welfare, companies are the base of the welfare state.”

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