New Picnic Spot in Gothenburg: The Flying Mat  


Many things happen in few weeks: few things happen in many weeks; and in summer many things happen in Gothenburg aka Göteborg.

The local government (Göteborgs StadInnerstaden Göteborg) has put up a new picnic spot in the heart of the city. The spot is in the parking area between the canal and Salluhallen by Kungstorget – walkable distance from the tram- and bus-stops called Kungsportsplatsen.

A large green mat with room for about fifty people can sit on the mat overlooking a park, a canal, Salluhalen the biggest local fresh food market and there are eateries around.

The Flying Mat will soon land at some other spot in the city

The mat will not be here permanently: the flying mat will fly away to some other spot in the city!

The notice board says: “Welcome on-board! On me there is space to play, socialize, picnic or to leap (jump, somersault). I want to give nice moments throughout our city, so in a while I will fly over Gothenburg and land with someone else. Please take me and follow my trip through our entire city.”

Before the ‘flying mat’ disappears from the spot in the heart of Gothenburg, take a chance to spend few moments It is summer: great time to be outdoors in the 400-year-old city.