Ocean Bus: The Amphibious Bus for Sightseeing


Now one can explore Gothenburg not only by boat (Paddan), bus, bicycle and on foot but also in an amphibious vehicle. Ocean Bus, the land and water bus, offers a thrilling experience from both land and water in one single vehicle. The amphibious bus weighs 10 tons. The tour starts on land at Kungsparken 1, in front of Stora Teatern (the Grand Theatre) on Avenyn. Oskar Sjölund, a staff member of the Ocean Bus, told www.gothenburg-400.com that the bus will be in operation throughout the summer till winter unless the river freezes during the cold wintry days. He said the bus has a seating capacity for 42 passengers but because of the current climate of coronavirus disease the number of passengers are restricted to 34. Social distancing is maintained on the bus unless tourists or sightseeing visitors would come in a group.

Ocean Bus could emerge as one of the must-dos in Gothenburg, but it also depends upon the social distancing and how the countries are going to react. The sightseeing of Gothenburg by sitting in Ocean Bus has started this month, and would go on. The journey of 75 minutes in the bus on the road and in the river will take about 75 minutes. One can board the bus at Stora Teatern on Avenyn. The guides are available in English, and Swedish.

Gothenburg is one of the popular destinations for sightseeing in Europe. The best way to see Gothenburg, unless you are pressed for time, is to travel on foot.

If you want to book the tickets online, you check on this website: https://oceanbus.se/en/gothenburg/

An amphibious bus is also in operation in Stockholm. One gets to see many of city´s attractions while listening to interesting stories along the way in English or Swedish. Ocean Bus in Stockholm starts its journey on land at Stromgatan – close to the Royal Opera.