Opportunity Day: 31 October 2019  


The annual event called Opportunity Day in Gothenburg is scheduled to take place on 31 October 2019 at Clarion Hotel Post. On this day long session, the event is open to students and job seekers in and around Gothenburg to attend the event where there will be companies with their recruiters. Opportunity Day was started with the goal to bring the companies and job seekers to meet directly. The first Opportunity Day was held in 2016, the first Opportunity Day was held in Gothenburg, and continues. The concept is emulated in other municipalities in West Sweden.


During the Opportunity Day the job seekers especially those who are foreign-born or recently moved to Sweden can take advantage of the day by meeting representatives of the companies, understand the job market, meet the job matching counters, and also to attend the seminars. According to the organisers, one can attend the ‘job matching, come to pre-booked interviews, meet actors who help you find the right skills and listen to exciting seminars on diversity as a resource’.

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“The idea is simple. It’s about inspiring and making it easier for companies to make good choices. Facilitating the recruitment of people from other ethnic backgrounds is not a matter of charity. On the contrary. We are losing endless resources to the fact that a large group is outside the labour market. We want to draw employers’ attention to skills that are ‘differently packaged’ than the CVs normally viewed. This may include other language skills, other education and universities that are not recognized, as well as employers and references from other countries,” observed Helena Lindahl.

Helena Lindahl is the founder of Opportunity Day, and the driving force behind the annual event. She noted, “I believe that jobs are one of the most important gateways in society. A person with a job automatically gets a completely different network, one gets language training, becomes a role model for others in their vicinity, not least for their children, provides their own livelihood, to name a few other advantages. We as a society become better at receiving all the resources that people with different backgrounds would benefit both society, the people and the business community.”

For more information about the Opportunity Day, please click here: Opportunity Day, 31 October 2019