Pay Through Your Car: Cashless Driving Not Faraway


Pay Through Your Car: Cashless Driving Not Faraway

by Mahabir Gupta: Mobile Architect & Cyber Security Expert, currently works for Volvo

The idea is that we are going to make our payments through many ways but not in a traditional way that is either through cash or chip-enabled card (debit card, credit card) or digital wallet.

People are going to pay in many ways and one of them is going to be through the car platform – by sitting in your car – that is no need of mobile or third-party services.

The car platform performs the role of ‘point of sale’ such as food or grocery items or clothes and others from the car itself. This service could also be used for payment at various retail facilities that is the ‘point of purchase’ while the driver remains in a vehicle such as at gasoline (or petrol) station or at a fast food restaurants or in a transit and parking spot among others.

Currently, people have to carry the mobile phone or credit/debit card for payments, and also have to stand in queue. In the car, the person usually has to bring out the wallet or the mobile phone but this is not going to be the case in the coming days. This kind of payment by sitting in a car and pay is going to add efficiency in usage of time and add elegance and simplicity to life.

This mode of payment by sitting in the car is almost ready; car manufacturers, financial payment services and banks are working on this and could hit the marketplace in Europe, China and USA in couple of years.


Drivers will be able to complete purchases directly from their central console by sitting in the car and the amount of transaction will be displayed. This will allow the drivers to pay for petrol, at a drive-through fast-food eateries without the need to interact with a cashier, and also at supermarkets and malls.

As a result of this type of payment method, drivers will no longer need to pay through their wallets or card but can pay via in-car app.

The ability to make necessary purchases from the comfort of a car, without having to pull out a credit card or mobile device, can save drivers’ time to their destinations faster and more efficiently, and may ultimately make them safer down the road.

Drivers will be able to complete purchases, everything from smart parking meters to fuel pumps, directly from their vehicle’s central console. Importantly, people who do not know the local language (or when in a foreign country) could benefit from this and also no need to know about the currency while driving in a different country because the in-car app will pay.