RANG, Chalmers University of Technology: Indian Cultural Night on 1 December 2019

RANG: Indian Chalmers Association: Tejas Venkatesh (left) and Arjun Krishna Murthy (right)

The annual Indian Cultural Night of RANG at Chalmers University of Technology is slated to take place on Sunday, 1 December 2019 at the university’s main campus in Gothenburg aka Göteborg. “This time we have couple of people outside Gothenburg coming and performing for us which will be exciting. And we have few surprises that I do not want to reveal now and we hope that it will excite everyone,” said Arjun Krishna Murthy, President of RANG.


RANG’s festival platform is also a showcasing venue for aspiring artists and want-to-be musicians or actors within the student community from any social and national background. RANG has dedicated clubs for each aspect of performing arts: SUR (music), BHAV (theatre), and TAAL (dance), and also for cuisine called SWAD (food club).

RANG is the Chalmers Indian Association at Chalmers University of Technology: A not-for-profit body run exclusively by students and advised by alumni of the university. It is a platform ‘to help the Indian students pursuing their Master’s and PhD programs’ and ‘to showcase the Indian culture to the diverse international’ audience living in Gothenburg aka Göteborg the second largest city in Sweden. It has a ‘rapport with the Embassy of India in Sweden’.

“Rang is not only for students but everybody who likes to come and participate and want to learn about Indian culture in terms of dance food theatre and music. That is how we would like to take Rang forward as well,” said Tejas Venkatesh, Vice President of RANG.

The theme of this year’s festival is different from last year’s which was NO PLACE LIKE HOME. This year’s theme is about different cultures and different states of India. “The vibrant Indian culture will be showcased,” said Arjun Krishna Murthy.

Every academic year, RANG’s executive body changes, and a new members are elected by the Indian students of the Chalmers University of Technology. The erstwhile board members become advisory committee members. Arjun and Tejas Venkatesh.


Tickets for the cultural event on Sunday, 1 December 2019 can be purchased from:

RANG: Indian Chalmers Association – https://www.facebook.com/RangChalmers/ And more information about Rang on Instagram: rang.chalmers

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