Rise, Raise, Raize


Rise, Raise, Raze

The fortunes of a person, or a country, could rise, and could be razed down by one or the other factor, but with determinism the person or the country can arise again.

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

People living on shoe-string budgets get annoyed when prices of essential commodities are raised like onions, fuel, milk…

You have to rise to the challenges of life, and tackle them.

You aim to raise the standard of your living for a better life.

Rise is a verb. Its past tense and past participle are rose and risen (rise-rose-risen).

Rise has many meanings: to move upwards, attain certain height, slope upward, get up; figuratively refers to come back to limelight or resurrected; to gain a higher status; to increase such as prices, or demand; to develop, puff up, lifting up, climb up, go up.

Variants of the verb rise are rises, rising, rose, risen.

She rises to the occasion to help others.

She rose to help others on many occasions.

She has risen to assist others on more occasions than her colleagues.

She is rising to of help to others.

I rise early in the morning after I learned about the Corsican proverb: He who sleeps cannot catch fish –Corsican proverb.

I rose from several setbacks in life, and continue to rise again if I fall.

I have risen from many tough situations.

I am rising whenever I have a challenge.

Raise is a verb, and other variants are raises, raised, and raising: to build up something, to create, to develop (He raised a huge business empire though he came from a modest economic background), to lift something up from drowning (the crane raised the people caught in the rubble of the building; to create, increase, enhance (How to raise the motivational levels?), to collect or pool (The company raised money for the move by cloud-sourcing); to bring up (Singlehandedly, he raised his two children and ensured they were educated, and employed); in arithmetic, to exponentiate or involute (73 =7x7x7);  to lift something or someone.

The family makes a living by raising pigs.

The family raised five children.

The family is raising eight children without any difficulty, and is also prepared to rise to the challenges.

She raised five children.

The family raised orchards, and raising sheep and goats.

Raze means to bring down something.

The cyclonic storm razed the standing crops.

The bomb blast razed the building to rubble.

Figuratively, he razed their hopes.