See, Saw, Sawed, Sawn


See, Saw, Sawed, Sawn

“Kochu Maria sawed up the rest of the cake messily, laboriously, breathing through her mouth, as though she was carving a hunk of roast lamb. She put the pieces on a large silver tray. Mammachi played a Welcome Home, Our Sophie Mol melody on her violin. A cloying, chocolate melody. Stickysweet, and meltybrown. Chocolate waves on a chocolate shore.” –The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

Sew, see and saw are verbs, and they are irregular verbs: 




Saw is the past tense of the verb see, and has two other functions: noun and a verb. In addition, saw functions as a noun, and also as a verb (saw, sawed, sawn or sawed).

Saw is a cutting a tool. Saw is a tool that has a long blade with a sharp-toothed edges. Carpenters and plumbers use saws. They use saws to cut something such as wood to make logs.

Saws are held in hands and pushed forward and backwards, or there are electric saws.

Saws are used for cutting wood, stone and metal.

There are different types of saws: power saw, circular saw, handsaw, and chainsaw.

“Sharp Tool has a highly skilled team with extensive knowledge on carbide products, saw blades, knives, machinery and many other products. Our staff is trained to deliver knowledgeable advice and top quality products. We have been manufacturing carbide tipped saw blades since 1959. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility gives us the ability to produce American Made saw blades at an affordable price.” –

Saw (not as the past tense form of see) is a verb meaning to cut something with a saw.

She is sawing the wood in her studio.

Some people relax by sawing the wood.

Saw away is a phrasal verb meaning to make to-and-fro movements.

Do you like to saw your bread?

There are knives for sawing bread.

Saw a tree, saw a pole, saw a branch of tree…means to cut.

A sawn-off shotgun is a gun without the barrel (barrel sawn-off).

When the trees die, they are sawn off in the sheds.

Sawyer is a person who saws wood for a living.

There are people with surname as a Sawyer: Robert James Sawyer is a Canadian science fiction writer.

Thomas ‘Tom’ Sawyer is a character of Mark Twain’s novels such as in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876), Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1884), Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894), and Tom Sawyer, Detective (1896).


See the world.

See is a verb, and its derivatives are sees, seeing, saw, seen.

Seen is the past participle of the verb see. Seen is used with the verbs has, have, or had. Examples are: Have you seen a movie in the recent past? I have seen four movies in two weeks. Note that ‘I seen four movies is not correct though used in spoken language or informal conversations’.

You are seeing life in many shades…

See, you can enrich your life …!