Simon Wallqvist: ‘A City Never Sleeps. A City Never Stops Developing”


Gothenburg is witnessing major developments and changes in terms of its skyline and landscape as the 400-year-old city gears up to become the sustainable city. The city will also celebrate its quadricentennial in 2021.


The central area of the city surrounding Central Station is one of the areas that is going to transform drastically, and the City of Gothenburg’s ‘City Building Office or Stadsbyggnadskontoret’ has envisaged a plan and that plan is rolled out. In order to inform the public about the changes, it conducted an event on Monday, 4 November 2019 at 300m2 library and also to answer the questions from the residents.  Per Osvalds, a project leader, was present at the event and shared information with the public including answering their questions.

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Den Nya Staden: Så ska vi planera en sammanhållen stad – en av den nya översiktsplanens huvudstrategier –  Stadsbyggnadskontoret: Anna Olsson, projektledagre; Per Osvalds, projektledare,; Simon Wallqvist, arkitekt, stadsbyggnadskontoret; Anna Rudholm och Charlotte Olsson från Stadsbyggnadskontoret var där. Centralområdet, Göteborg: Per Osvalds … ’En välkomnande entre till Göteborg, en attraktivt kommunikationsnav och en livfull regional mötesplats’. Utbyggnad pågår: Hisingsbron (2021), Kvarteret Platinan (2022), Gullbergstunneln och Götaledens nedsänkning (2021), Västlänken (2026); Färdigställt: Regionens hus är nyligen färdigställt och inflyttat. Centralområdet: 2300 bostäder, 19,000 arbetsplatser. #gothenburg #göteborg2030 #göteborg2050 #goteborgsstad #gothenburgcity

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Simon Wallqvist is an architect, and works at the City’s Building Office of Göteborgs Stad or the City of Gothenburg was present at the event. In an interview to Simon Wallqvist explains about the building plans and the need for a city to change. He also responds to the sentiments and nostalgia of Gothenburgers who have resisted infrastructure project Västlänken. He said the city has an ongoing developmental plan, and noted a city like Gothenburg has to develop for enriching the living experience of the people. He said, “A city never sleeps. A city never stops developing but the project we see today will transform it what we have today or as we had yesterday as a traffic intense and concrete and asphalt desert yon can say (in the) north and northeast of Central Station. That will be enhanced with more liveable situations life cafes, streets with trees … a walkable city.” Listen to the podcast:

City Building Office of the City of Gothenburg undertakes and executes projects related to infrastructure, business, housing and urban environment and with a focus on strategic planning, detailed planning, land surveying, building permit management and the provision of basic geographical data to the local administration. The department has about 370 employees in its six units. Its responsibilities include issues related to planning and construction, property development and to act as a supervisory authority.

At the event organised by Stadsbyggnadskontoret Anna Olsson, projektledagre; Per Osvalds, projektledare; Simon Wallqvist, arkitekt, stadsbyggnadskontoret; Anna Rudholm och Charlotte Olsson were present.

The projects under construction around Central Station are Hisingsbron (2021), Kvarteret Platinan (2022), Gullbergstunneln och Götaledens nedsänkning (2021), and Västlänken (2026). The constructions will provide 2300 houses and 19,000 places for offices.

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