Spice Room: Fusion of Orient and Occident, Where Food is Art, Drinks Aesthetic


Spice Room is the latest fine-dining restaurant in Gothenburg, Göteborg. Located on Magasinsgatan the new restaurant uses the best seasonal ingredients in Sweden and Scandinavia and gathers unique drinks from all over the world.


While many restaurants were shut in the city after the coronavirus pandemic, with the coronavirus pandemic receding, Spice Room has opened this year. The restaurant offers the finest dishes, a fusion of occidental and oriental cuisine, and crème de la crème among drinks.

Sunil Kumar, the founder of the restaurant and head of Masala Kitchen chain, who has been in the restaurant business for more than two decades, says, he felt the residents of the 400-year-old city of Gothenburg and the second-largest city in Sweden, deserves a fine-dining restaurant. He says this is the only nouvelle cuisine restaurant with a pinch of Indian cuisine for the Swedish palate in Scandinavian and Nordic countries. This restaurant is a treat for connoisseurs and epicureans.

Apart from a range of drinks – beer, gin and tonic, dessert wine, sparkling wine, white wine, red wine, rosé wine, cider, whiskey – there are also alcohol-free drinks ranging from sparkling rhubarb and blackcurrant. The cocktails include Red Light, Negroni, Clover Club and Aviation.

Pyar Mehra the chef of the restaurant has used his unfettered imagination in blending the seafood with classic ingredients. For example, French oyster is served with apple preserves, pomegranates and ginger caviar with a foam of chili lemon. Another uniqueness of the menu in the restaurant is adding the culinary heritage of India. The Indian cuisine is as diverse as European and South American. In the menu, one finds the culinary diversity of India. In ‘South Indian seafood Moilee’ from Kerala on the Malabar coast by the Arabian Sea one finds cod, salmon, blue mussels, crayfish, shrimps, coconut curry, sourdough bread and garlic butter!

On one side of the wall in the restaurant, there is a striking print of Vanesa and the Chicken. The striking archival pigment print is framed in black on the sides with Vanesa in blue dress and almost covering the whole wall.

For more information about the restaurant:

www: spiceroom.se

Address: Magasinsgatan 8

411 18 Göteborg

Email: info@spiceroom.se

Telephone: 031 61 04 40