Swedish General Elections 9 September 2018: A Marxist Perspective


Revolution is the Swedish chapter of an international revolutionary socialist organization called International Marxist Tendency (IMT) which exists in over 30 countries. The outfit is in favour of socialism, and against capitalism – working class should rule not the ones from establishment, not the capitalist class, not the corporates.

Gothenburg aka Göteborg’s unit is led by students aligned to the Marxist philosophy and political orientation. Stefan Kangas and members of the Marxist outfit are active in Gothenburg. They regularly organize seminars, debates, discussions, guest lectures and participate in active politics of public life unlike any other students’ organizations in the quadricentennial or 400-year-old city.

At a gathering of comrades on 2018 May 16: Left to right are Anton, Pixie, Stefan and Rahul sharing a video sourced in Pakistan by their comrades who are fighting against the ruling class

Stefan Kangas talks about the role of the unit, the need to defend the working class, and what could be the outcome of Swedish General Elections scheduled to take place on 9 September 2018.

Stefan Kangas reckons there is a need for the working classes to be more vigilant as the right-wing political classes and parties wield the power


Revolution aims to confront ‘the absurd riches of the ruling class, created at the great majority’s expense’, want to ‘nationalize the most important parts of the economy – the banks, the mines and the great monopoly – under the democratic control and control of the workers, and drive them according to a social production plan’.

Comrades at a seminar commemorating the Russian Revolution in October 2017

In an interview in 2017, Niklas Albin Svensson from International Marxist Tendency, predicted that Swedish Democrats (SD) can emerge as the leading political party in the 9 September 2018 General Elections.