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Cow’s Milk: Think Before You Drink

Gothenburg (Göteborg): Many things happen in few weeks: few things happen in many weeks, but some things are recurring. Animal Rights’ Activists in Gothenburg...

 ‘…let us keep Gothenburg more clean and beautiful…’

Spring is finally springing in the city: green shoots are emerging. Traditional seasonal cleaning in Spring is in the top gear. Across the city,...

The Baffled Theist

The Baffled Theist Each stride of Gordon Golding possessed a determination to reach the railway station as soon as possible though he was not aware...

International Science Festival: 17-22 April

Vetenskapsfestivalen: The Science Festival  Annual science festival in Gothenburg: unique & utilitarian Why do we go with the flow of the times (follow someone or something...

Soul: Awareness, Consciousness, Self, Mind

Awareness, Consciousness, Self, Mind One Perspective on the Soul  A Dear Friend Has Many Names The British science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, best known for his novel...

Principal, Principle

What are the principles that are dear to you as the principal of the college? Principal functions as a noun and an adjective, and has...



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