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GöteborgsVARVET 2018: 80,000 runners and thousands participate

Edgar Weibull ran, and ran, fighting against the fatigue, defying his age, conquering the challenges of his body, and ran, and ran … as...

Västtrafik: Why Gothenburgers should travel in buses and trams

Västtraffik is urging Gothenburgers to use busses and trams instead of using cars especially in the peak times. It has started a campaign to...

Art for Employment: From Painting on Streets to the Industry

Artworks along 21 km is ongoing in Gothenburg…a world record… How can one turn art to employment? What are the ways to motivate youth to get...

Petra Kloo Vik: Open Up (Hearts)

Artists express 'complex matters' in many art forms. Utterances are replaced in tunes, or in a sculpture. Petra Kloo Vik plays a short tune to an...



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