The Australian Barista Opens a Coffee School Gothenburg’s Coffee School in 3:e Långgatan


The twentysomething Australian expat Steve Moloney has started a training programme in Gothenburg for the benefit of coffee lovers and those who want to make a career in coffee-making.

Steve migrated from Down Under to Sweden like the youth of Australia who usually step from the Antipodes for a career, or to experience the world, or for socio-cultural edification.

The passion for coffee grew in Steve as he started to work in cafes and bars making coffee (thankfully, not in lager, cider, beer). This turned out to be a career in coffee: making, serving, teaching and training in coffee.

Steve is an award-winning coffee maker. He won the Swedish Barista Championship twice. The training programmes he started in coffee making varies in time, and depends upon the needs of a learner. Check out for more information at the website:

The ace barista is taking coffee to the next level in Gothenburg the city where coffee lovers abound.

Barista is a person trained in making coffee and in serving coffee such as in coffee bars. Barista is a portmanteau of ‘bar’ and the Italian suffix ‘–ista’.

Listen to the podcast what Steve says …