The Sailing School: Free, Open, Secure


In Frihamnen, there is a sailing school run by the municipality of Gothenburg – Göteborgs Stad – called Seglarskolan in Swedish. It is opened throughout the summer, and it is free for the residents, visitors and tourists.

This is the best time to make use of the opportunity presented by the sailing school: If you want to experience sailing, or take your family along with you, or give an introduction to kids about sailing, or give your guest a feel of the city – the unbeatable Gothenburg. Göteborgs Stad says: “The sailing school is part of the goal to contribute to a more accessible (amenities) for everyone. You can choose whether to sail on your own or with an instructor.”

The Sailing School at Frihamnen in Gothenburg is open to all: safe and secure

Seglarskolan or the sailing school welcomes everyone, and most importantly you need not have any previous experience of sailing.

Sailing Instructors: Johanna and Mohammed

There is Johanna who can help you as how to steer the boat, how to operate the sail of the boat to the winds and gusts, or will let you sit and enjoy the vistas of the city as she takes charge.

There is Mohammed who can assist you in sailing with a mini or big boat. You can feel secure in his presence either at the time of departure or as you come to anchor the boat.

Together, Johanna and Mohammed, help the visitors to have a great experience of sailing. The sailing is made easy for the novice because the boats are dinghies – access dinghies. They will make sure you wear the lifejacket.

You can also sail by yourself.

With the presence of instructors, and summer at your disposal, it is the best time to advantage of the sailing school. Ask yourself, which city in the world, will give access to a sailing school for free?

You can find the sailing school by Jubileumsparken in Frihamnen. It is within the walking distance from the bus top and parking space. You can find more information at