The Sauna (Bastun) with the Wondrous View in the World


One of the gems of Gothenburg aka Göteborg is the public sauna located in Frihamnen, and it is free to use or access for both adults and children. It is built by the local government (Göteborgs Stad: City of Gothenburg) on the popular demand of the residents.

The sauna offers a view of the city across the River Göta and the hill on which Masthuggskyrkan the church is situated.

Sauna in Swedish is ‘bastu’: en bastu – bastun – bastur: a sauna – the sauna – saunas.

The sauna made of metal-sheets stands on the abandoned concrete pillars in an inlet of the River Göta, and adjacent to it are other public utilities ranging from swimming pool to saltwater bubble pool to a sailing school. The uniqueness of the sauna is not only its position in the water but it is built with recycled metal and placed on top of an old pylon in the water.

Because the sauna is free of charge to use and open to everyone, it is recommended to book your time online (links below).

The sauna was designed by the German firm Raumlabor. Raumlabor is a group of architects based in Berlin, Germany specialising in innovative designs and in using discarded materials in urban spaces.

For the benefit of the sauna users, there is a changing room for three genders (male, female, mixed or unisex) built of 12,000 recycled bottles.

Frihamnen (Jubilieumsparken) in Hisingen the island part of Gothenburg is across the centre of the city. The area was once reputed for its ship building and maritime activities. These years, the area is planned for major residential and commercial buildings as part of the city’s quatercentenary or quadricentennial in 2021.

Frihamnen (Älvstaden) is the biggest urban development project in the Nordic region of Europe and also a test arena for innovative urban construction ranging from innovation in urban regeneration to smart city’s sustainability with a mix of courage and curiosity.


Buses 16, 31, 45, 55, 58 pass through the stop named Frihamnsporten, and you can check for precise and more information on Västtraffik.

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