Traffic Disruptions on Tram 3, 9 & 11


The tram (metro rail or commuter train) network in Gothenburg aka Göteborg is the lifeline of Gothenburgers mode of transport. Unlike in other parts of the world, the trams in the 400-year-old city are known for their punctuality and passenger-friendly services.

Commuters have to gear up for disruptions in their journeys in some stretches on Trams 3, 9 & 11.

Work on rail tracks of 3 main trams of Gothenburg are taking place around Älvsborgsplan (Älvsborgsgatan). The tram journey disruptions in one of the stretches of the commute will hit until April 2018.

The works on tracks are taking place in two stages: Stage one is between 24 March-16 April and Stage Two is between 16 April -23 April. As a result of this those commuting on Tram 3, Tram 9 and Tram 11 cannot continue their journey fully if they happen to reach one of the tram spots in and around Majorna area – part of the route of these trams are shut down for rail- or track-replacement and refurbishments.

Due to these works, commuters can face slightly longer journey times, may have to change at couple of places and take replacement buses in the place of these trams on certain stretches.

However, wherever there is a disruption or suspension of journey on these trams, there will be bus replacement. For example Tram 3 runs between Kålltorp and Vagnhallen Majorna in one direction and the rest of the journey to other places can be continued by taking the bus 9E. Otherwise, ride on Tram 3 from Klippan (instead of Vagnhallen Majorna) to Jaegerdorffsplatsen and Kålltorp. Tram 11 replaces Tram 3 on the stretch between Godhemsgatan and Marklandsgatan.

Tram 9 runs between Angered and Vagnhallen Majorna in one direction but from there one has to take bus 9E – the replacement service. In the other direction, one can take bus 9E from Kungssten to Vagnhallen Majorna and then take Tram 9 from Klippan (instead of at Vagnhallen Majorna) to Jaegerdorffsplatsen and Angered.

Bus 9E rides from Kungssten – Orustgatan – Vagnhallen Majorna – Ostindiegatan – Sannaplan – Sandarna – Kungssten in the other direction.

Tram 11 (Saltholmen – Bersjön = Bersjön – Saltholmen): As usual Tram 11 runs from Bersjön but till Stigbergstorget and then Fjällgatan – Godhemsgatan – Marklandsgatan in both directions. Tram 11 replaces Tram 3 on the stretch between Godhmsgatan and Marklandsgatan. Replacement bus service 11 E rides from Saltholmen – Kungssten – Sandarna – Sannaplan – Mariaplan – Godhemsgatan in one direction and Godhemsgatan – Ostindiegatan – Sannaplan – Sandarna – Kungssten – Saltholmen.

During the stage two works on the tram tracks, Tram3 and 9 will take place between 16 April-23 April 2018 but there will be replacement buses. However, check before you travel at Västtrafik @:

  • Telephone: 0771-41 43 00
  • Download the app Reseplanerare (you can control the app settings to either trip planner or time table as default)