Vanliga blommor: COMMON FLOWERS

Prästkarge: Ox-eye daisy (below), Smörblomma: Buttercup (above)

Sveriges vanglia blommande växter är: THE COMMON FLOWERING PLANTS OF SWEDEN ARE:


Förgätmigej: FORGET ME NOT


Blåsippa: HEPATICA

Tussilago: COLTSFOOT

Blålocka:  BLUE BELL


Prästkrage: OX-EYE DAISY

Smörblomma: BUTTERCUP


Förgätmigej: Förgätmigej or FORGET ME NOT is a small plant with blue flowers tinged in white. It belongs to the family Myosotis palustris

Vitsippa: Vitsippa or WOOD ANEMONE brightens up the landscape in spring. Its botanical name is Anemone nemorosa. If you want to read more about vitsippa: you can click on this hyperlink – Springing in Spring: Anemone nemorosa (Vitsippor)

Blåsippa: Blåsippa or HEPATICA is also a spring flower. Its botanical name is Anemone hepatica.

Sippa is a windflower or anemone like wildwood flower (vitsippa) and hepatica (blåsippa)

Tussilago: Tussilago or COLTSFOOT is flowering plant of daisy family. The name comes from the Latin word tussis referring to cough, and ago – to cast or to ago.

Blålocka: Blålocka or BLUEBELL is a wildly growing plant, and it is also a popular garden and indoor plant. It belongs to the family called Campanulaceae (bell plants). Its blue flowers resemble like a tiny bell. Such tiny bells are hung around ox-drawn carts in some tropical countries.

Maskros: Maskros or DANDELION is plant with bright yellow flower. Its leaves are used as a salad, and the flowers are also fermented to make a wine: dandelion wine. Dandelion is an asexual plant: do not need pollen to reproduce like many other plants. The flowering stage of the plant has a slender stalk on which stands a white floating ball-like structure before it turns to a bright yellow flower. The white floating structures, a network of white threads, are called pappuses. The plant sheds the pappuses, one can see them floating in the air in the last phase of spring in Sweden.

Prästkrage: Prästkrage or OX-EYE DAISY (or clerical collar or dog collar) is a white flower standing on the stalk and commonly found in parks and lawns, tended or untended. It belongs to the Chrysanthemum family

Smörblomma: Smörblomma or BUTTERCUP is a small yellow flowering plant. It belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. The common buttercup plants are meadow, tall, common and giant buttercups. The yellow flower has a five petals above five green sepals and several stamens in the ovary.

Styvmorsviol: Styvmorsviol or VIOLA TRICOLOUR. Because of the lightness and colours of the plant, it variously called as Johnny Jump up or heart’s- ease or -delight, come-and-cuddle-me, or love-in-idleness. It is a common European wild flower and grows both as an annual or short-lived perennial.

Styvmor in Swedish refers to a stepmother.