Västtrafik’s Pedestrian Map: Know How Many Steps You Take  


Västtrafik has released a map of the tramlines in the city that also informs who many steps one takes between two tram stops. This is part of the public transport agency’s effort to encourage commuters to walk a bit to avoid crowding in trams in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and to motivate a commuter to see how many steps s/he takes between stops. Every day about 430,000 people travel with Västtrafik-run public transport but according to it ‘under the coronavirus crisis (pandemic), Gothenburgers’ commuting habits have changed a lot’.


According to press release by Västtrafik more passengers in the region are choosing to drive a car and to cycle more but the largest increase is seen among those who walk. It said that a survey (conducted during weeks 14-19 with 1000 people) found that more than 30 percent said they walked more now compared to before the coronavirus pandemic in Sweden. Västtrafik’s initiative under the slogan ‘Gå för Göteborg’ aims to encourage everyone who has the opportunity to walk or cycle. The purpose is to reduce congestion in public transport and make room on board for those who need to travel by public transport.

“If more people have the opportunity to walk instead of taking a tram or bus in central Gothenburg, we encourage it. In this way, we can make it safe and secure for those who need to travel by public transport,” said Lars Backström, CEO of Västtrafik. “If more people go all (of their journey) or part of their journey (on foot), it makes a big difference. If you look at central Gothenburg, the most common trips take no more than a quarter, twenty minutes to walk. Between Brunnsparken and Götaplatsen, for example, there are only 2000 steps.”

Other measures taken by Västtrafik under Covid-19 are reinforcement traffic, a temporary extra line (Tram 14: Liseberg), and reminders to maintain social distancing in public transport. Västtrafik is the agency responsible for public transport– trams in Gothenburg, buses, ferries – in Västra Götaland in West Sweden and in Kungsbacka municipality.