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Att vilja (TO WANT), vill (WANT, WANTS, WANTING), ville (WANTED), velat (WANTED)

Vill is a verb, and also a helping verb.

VERB: hjälpverb (HELPING VERB)

Inifinitiv Imperativ Presens Preteritum Supinum
Att vilja Vill Ville Har/hade velat


Verb is one of the parts of speech or word classification. Verb är en del av ordklassificering eller ordklasser. Verb is a word that describes an action, a state, an occurrence, a state of being, action of a subject; and the changing a verb to indicate the number of people and the tense of the sentence is called conjugation. Vill is a helping verb: can stand before another verb:

I WANT IT. Jag vill ha det.

I WANTED IT. Jag ville ha det.

SHE WANTS IT. Hon vill ha det.

SHE WANTED IT. Hon ville ha det.

THEY WANT IT. De vill ha det.

THEY WANTED IT. De ville ha det.

I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A SPORTSMAN. Jag ville alltid vara en idrottsman.

THEY WANT RICHES BUT NOT HAPPINESS. De vill ha rikedom men inte lycka.

THEY WANTED RICHES BUT NOT HAPPINESS. De ville ha rikedom men inte lycka.

TO WANT SOMETHING IS NORMAL. Att vilja ha något är normalt.

HE NEVER WANTS TO FORGET IT. Han vill aldrig glömma det.

In sentences of questions:

WOULD YOU PASS ME THE SALT, PLEASE? = vill du skicka mig slatet?

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE FOR DINNER? = Vad vill du ha till middag?

I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT. Is it raining?  = Jag vill inte gå ut. Regnar det?

Vill du veta mer om detta finns information på webbsidan:


NOTE: There is no imperative form for VILL! Also, vill doesn’t correspond to the meaning of will in English. (I WILL BE THERE: Jag kommer vara där. THEY WILL GO. De kommer att gå.) Vill in Swedish corresponds to a wish (önskan), a determination (vilja), and also refers to ’want’.

KARIN WANTS TO SLEEP NOW. Karin vill sova nu.

WHEN STEFAN WAS LITTLE HE WANTED TO BE A POLICE. När Stefan var liten ville jag bli polis.

I WOULD LIKE TO BE AN AI-SCIENTIST. Jag skulle vilja vara en AI-forskare.

I WANT TO BE A FUTURIST. Jag vill vara en futurist.

WILL YOU GO TO FRANCE FOR A HOLIDAY? Kommer du till Frankrike för en semester

Vilja is also a NOUN:  Vilja in Swedish means WILL (mot sin vilja=AGAINST ONE’S WILL, ovilja = UNWILLINGNESS) WISH, VOLITION. Vilja, viljan: viljor, viljorna

Maja har viljan att lära sig något. MAJA HAS THE WILL TO LEARN SOMETHING.

Är du en person med en stark vilja? ARE YOU A PERSON WITH A STRONG WILL?

Villig, villigt, villiga are adjectives meaning WILLING, glad, agreeable, cheerful. De är villiga att betala hälften av kostnaden. THEY ARE WILLING TO PAY HALF THE COST.

Villighet meanings WILLINGNESS (noun).

THE WILLINGNESS TO DO SOMETHING MAKES A PERSON ACHIEVE IT. Villighet att göra någonting gör en person att få det.