Vrångö: Sea, Serenity, Sky


Vrångö is the southernmost island of the Southern Archipelago—Södra Skårgärden—of Gothenburg, and was once the island of fishing community. Today the island is the place for nature trails marked by ancient remains; and as you walk you will find old cemetery, a labyrinth from pre-Christian times, and angling spots (at Nötholmen).

Holmen in Sweden refers to the islet (en holme – holmen – holmar: an islet – the islet – islets).

You can spot the unusual flora –hemp-agrimony, sea aster, sedge on the meadowland of the island, sea-kale, sea-wormwood, lymegrass, sea-holly and several species of orchids.

The island was a station for shipping pilots from the 1600s to 1930s. You can get the best view to the archipelago from the look-post on the rocks of the island (to the west of the village) – towards the Vinga Lighthouse. Also, from the Bronze Age cairn Storerös, you can get spectacular views around the island and archipelago.

Among the 4500 residents living in the Southern Archipelago, over 400 of them live on Vrångö.

Vrångö is declared as the nature reserve in 1979. There are 60 species of birds – sea-birds, birds of prey and songbirds: eiders, seagulls, sparrowhawks, hornedowls, nightingales, skylarks and also migratory birds. Vrångo is the halting spot for birds of seasonal migration.

The island has a marina, café, coves, beaches, diving decks, supermarket, a church and a nursery.

The island has a nursery, kindergarten, laundry, toilet facilities, a playground in the middle of the village and an abandoned mini golf course.

Vrångö: Busy in Summer

One can also buy fresh fish from the fishermen, and one also see fishing nets on the island.

There is a plaque on the island: Vrångö Hamn – Invigd den 4 juni 2004 av Carl XVI Gustaf Vrångo: Vrångö Harbour – Inaugurated by Carl XV1 Gustaf on 4 June 2004

One can rent holiday apartments on this island – kajkantens lägenhetshotell.

Adjacent to Vrångo are the Kårholmen and Sjumansholmen – the islands of summer chalets. Here, one can rent chalets, and enjoy the seaside life during summers (instead of going south of Sweden, and beyond).