WAT PHA: The Thai Buddhist Temple


Gothenburg (Göteborg) has many religious places of different faiths either for worshipping or to visit as an experience of exploration.

Wat Pha is a Thai Buddhist Temple located on Hisingen in Gothenburg. One can reach here from the centre of the city in less than half hour either by public transport or in a car. The temple came into existence in the present location in 2013. But the temple existed in another location started by a group of people under Buddha Saddha Dhamma Association (förening eller samhälle). The relentless efforts of a handful of committed people saw the birth of the Buddhist temple in this location.

Sonny Lööf is Swedish but not a religious person but admires the Buddhist philosophy. He has been actively involved in bringing up this temple to the current location. He wishes to see the temple develop and grow as an institution for humanitarian development.


The temple serves the residents of the city and others Buddhists in Sweden, and visitors of any other background. One can sit and mediate, bring food (alms) for the monks as a gesture of goodwill, seek the help of a monk to attend a funeral if someone is a practising Buddhist, request a monk to bless the birth of a baby or a married life, ask a monk to bless their newly-achieved possessions such as a car or a house, and one can also pray to the priest to attend to his dear one who is bed-ridden and approaching the end of life.

The temple has become an educational centre for the school children to get to know about Buddhism: peace, contentment and happiness should come from inside a person.

There are six monks residing at the temple: Phra Adjan Thanin (Aett) Suyasri, Phra Adjan Dhammasathit Vimalo, Phra Adjan Phongsak (Piak) Sovaro Suttayakhun, Phra Adjan Tara Yim Nantapulsab, Phra Adjan Chokechai Yeesunsuwan and Phra Adjan Thadapakorn Jitkarrun.

The monks had come from Thailand to help the worshippers in one or the other way, and they too practice their everyday rituals and regimen: meditation, and chanting. They practice ascetic life: no marriage or girl/boy-friend, and no material possessions.


The head priest Phra Phongsak Sovaro says Sweden is a peaceful country to practise their faith except for the peak winter time.  He speaks Swedish, English and Thai; and has visited many countries spreading peace and promoting peace across cultures.

Phra Phongsak Sovaro says life’s school is to discover the happiness within, and to complete the school of life: to attain salvation or nirvana. And, achieving nirvana is the end of school in life.

Today Wat Pha can accommodate more than 1,000 people. When the Thai New Year’s Day (Songkran) is celebrated more than 300 cars are parked on the premises.

Songkran is Thai New Year’s Day appearing on 13 April every year but at Wat Pha it is celebrated either in April or May. The word ‘Songkran’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sankranti’.


Postal address (postadress):

Wat Pha Gothenburg

Skändlavägen 75
417 46  Göteborg, Sweden

Telephone (telefon): +46 31 40 95 99

Email (E-post): info@watphagbg.se

Website (hemsida): www.watphagbg.se