Water Tank With Watchtower in Slottskogen: 360° of Gothenburg


One of the ornamental and attractive water tanks of Gothenburg is the one located in Slottskogen. The water tank is topped by a watchtower and it is visible from many parts of the city as it is on the top of a hill and rises from above the trees.


Water tank and the watchtower was built in 1899 in Slottskogen in Gothenburg aka Göteborg

The water tower or watchtower on the water tank is almost like a miniature castle built in 1899 with solid natural stones.

The water tank has dual functions: it stores water and has a viewing tower. The water tank with a pumping plant came into operation on 1 February 1900, and from above the water tank rises the water tower. It was also conceived to use its water in case there was fire in and around Masthugget.

The watchtower is owned by Hijab the building company, and during summer it allows residents and tourists for a viewing of the city from the tower.

One has to climb 63 steps to reach to the circular viewing platform in the tower (there is no elevator or lift).

Eva Bjärlund has all the information about the tower on her fingertips

Eva Bjärlund is the official guide of the tower. She has all the information about the tower on her fingertips, and takes efforts to explain all aspects related to the tower – history, geography, architecture and hydrology. She says, “The tower was ready 1899 – it is now well hidden among the trees so many Gothenburg residents do not know it is there….”

The water tower is the first and oldest viewing tower in Gothenburg designed by father and son architects: Adrian C. Peterson and Carl Crispin.

The watchtower is built on top of the water tank or reservoir exclusively for Gothenburgers to climb and watch the views of the city.

The water tank was built to supply drinking water to the residents of Masthugget.

The guided tours, 360 degrees view of Gothenburg, are organized by Aquatorium during summer: June, July and August.

One can see all the landmarks of the city up to a distance of a mile: archipelago, River Göta Älv, other water tanks of the city among others, and it is 80 meters above sea level.

The lookout tower is located in Slottsskogen’s northern part and on the highest point called Stora Utsikten.

There is a water tank nearby this tower in Vattugatan but in 1891, the City Council of Gothenburg aka Göteborgs Stad, had decided to have a new water supply system, and thus a water tank with a water tower and pump station were built in 1899 based on the drawing of Adrian C. Peterson and his son Carl Crispin.

The viewing tower is preserved as a monument of cultural and historical value.

The water tank functions in an auto-mode but Eva says now and then someone from the City of Gothenburg’s water management authority comes and checks, and from Higab.