Whose, Who’s


Whose, Who’s

Whose and who’s are similar in their usage like his and he’s respectively.

Who owns Internet? Whose property is Internet infrastructure? No one owns the Internet in its entirety. Internet is not the property of any government, or corporation, or an individual’s but lots of people and organizations own it. So, whose property is Internet? Nobody’s, but everybody’s: everybody’s means thousands of organizations and people own a bit of it such as the physical aspect of the network which is the Internet’s backbone.

Once upon a time, US’ ARPANET served as the Internet’s backbone but today several firms provide the routers, and cable that is the backbone to the Internet i.e., Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Whose is a pronoun, whose is an asking word, a word of question – the word itself has a question in it (?).


Whose means belonging to whom? Of whom? Whose is used as an interrogative pronoun: whose mobile phone is this?

Whose is a relative pronoun (possessive) used with a noun, and a preposition.

Whose children are they?

With whose help did you manage to buy the house?

She is the one whose child walked for thousand kilometers to raise funds for the small-scale farmers.


Rail journey in India is recommended for travelers.

The train travelers saw several scenes of fields whose crops were almost ready for harvesting.

Whose can be used with a noun as a determiner: whose shop is that on the first floor of the commercial building on Mahatma Gandhi Road.

Whose house do you like it, and why? Whose policies do you admire?

Whose is also used without a noun determiner? Whose is that house? Whose is this?

Whose is also used with prepositions which can come at the beginning of a sentence or at the end: with whose money do you want to have a party? With whose permission did you take leave for three weeks? Whose loyalties do you have in the party?

Whose is possessive form of who. Whose plan was it to break into the bank?

Who’s is a contraction of the words who is, or who has. Who’s is a contraction of who and is like it is o it’s.

Who is (who’s) your friend among the five people with whom you spend a lot of time?

Who’s (who has) the highest number of runs in test cricket?

Who’s planning to hurt which country again after 9/11, 7/7, 9/11?

Whose properties should the government nationalize? Corrupt politicians and bureaucrats whose accounts are flowing with money but elsewhere!