Why Yoga? Discover Yourself, Simplify Life, Enrich Your Self & Your Soul … says Erika Erlando

ATHENA Ethical MEDIA: Photo Credit - Erika Erlando

In the premises of Masthuggskyrkan the church on the hill overlooking Gothenburg, there is a rock with an inscription of Dag Hammarskjöld: “The longest journey is the journey inwards.”

How many people make an inward journey? Is there anyone in Gothenburg who has tried or attempted or embarked on such a journey? If there is a Gothenburger or Göteborgare who made an inward journey?

Erika Erlando is a Gothenburger. She had a successful career and a high-income profession as a designer. At the height of her creativity and endless opportunities in her field, she quit her job because she challenged herself from coping with crass commercialism and copious capitalism.  She wanted to discover herself. For a livelihood she worked in a restaurant, and started her inward journey. The inward journey took her to yoga and her relentless search to find a teacher finally yielded results. She founder her yoga teacher named RKM Acharya, and she started to practice yoga: meditation and physical exercises.

Today, Erika Erlando is unaffected by external factors for she knows her internal world. She practises yoga for 3 hours a day and also established herself as a yoga practitioner and as a yoga teacher. Importantly, her first yoga teacher was her mother. As a teenager she practised yoga with interest and disinterest and gave up but she re-discovered the effects and the fruits of yoga years later.

People in 21st century are bombarded with choices for material needs and people are battling to pick up the right one from the bouquet of choices yet unable to find that elusive thing in life called happiness – the lasting happiness.

Erika Erlando talks about life, materialism, no one is alone in this world and how, yoga among others with practical experience and yogic erudition. Listen to the podcast in which she talks about her inward journey, discovery of yoga, a yoga teacher and how she is at peace with herself and with contentment:


Erika Erlando teaches yoga at different yoga studios, fitness clubs and health clinics in and around Gothenburg. As a fulltime practioner and teacher of yoga, she teaches yoga for physical and mental fitness. She is passionate to share her knowledge of simple life and ancient and raw yoga techniques to enrich others’ lives and souls – happiness from inwards.