Wish for a Schnitzel? Check Out SCHNITZELPLATZ at Lagerhuset


One of the restaurants that is named after a dish called schnitzel is SchnitzelPlatz located in the historic building called Lagerhuset near Järntorget and Stenpiren. The restaurant is opened for lunch and dinner.

Schnitzel (schnitzeln, schnitzlar) is a meat dish in the form of a cutlet, or, a thin slice of meat coated in breadcrumbs or flour (and eggs) and buttered and fried: such as pork cutlet (fläskschnitzel). The meat of schnitzel can also be mutton (lamb), chicken, turkey, veal, beef, or pork. The meat is usually thinned with a tenderizer.

The word schnitzel is German in origin meaning a slice, and other cuisines also have a similar dish: escalope (French), tonkatsu (Japan), milanesa (South America). Informally the German-origin word also refers to something distasteful and it is a cursing word.

SPECIALITY OF SCHNITZELPLATZ: Why should someone come here? “It is a place where we do something for everyone. It’s folksy. You can be with kids or you can be a couple or you can be a bunch of girls just want to have drinks. We can serve everyone. We do with love and it is a genuine kitchen,” says Maria Nyström. When Maria says genuine, genuine means the sauces are made from local produce and the meat is sourced solely from Sweden (not importing from New Zealand or Brazil or Argentina).

The chefs of Schnitzelplatz are extremely inventive and they do everything from scratch, and they come up with good dishes.

The menu changes every week for lunch and the menu for lunch is table d’hôte but the evening menu is à la carte. The menu for the evenings change with every season (and Sweden has four distinct seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring). The lunch is priced at SEK 105 and comes with water, salad, bread, coffee and biscuits. One can also buy tell meals for the price of SEK 900.

Do you recommend someone to come for lunch or dinner? Maria says: “Oh, both! at least once in a week, absolutely. And we do fresh Pilsner (Czech beer).”

Maria Nyström with the signature dish of the restaurant: Schnitzel

The signature dish of the restaurant is, of course, schnitzel! Fläskschnitzel med tomatsås och potatisstomp.


Schnitzelplatz Lagerhuset

Heurlins plats 1

413 01 Göteborg

Telephone: 031 13 59 14