Julstaden, Göteborg: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019


Gothenburg, the only Swedish city –Göteborg– with an international name, is decorated with festive lights especially all along Avenyn, Brunnsparken, Gustav Adolf Torg, and Central Stationen in addition to shops and shopping centres. The Christmas decorations and the festive lights will continue to brighten up the city till 6 January 2019: welcome 2019. The spirit of warmth and gestures of friendliness radiate from Gothenburgers for Gothenburgers, and also for the visitors. Irrespective of the rain and the cold weather, the festive decorations are adding to the cheerfulness in the people and prepare them for Christmas holidays and gear up for the next year 2019 with positive spirits.

God Jul & Gott Nytt År 2019! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019:  On this occasion, www.gothenburg-400.com wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019, and expresses thankfulness for your patronage, for giving interviews, and feedback. Based on the feedback from you, we are introducing a new category ‘FOOD’ and from next year there will be regular reports on food, restaurants, and cafes in Gothenburg in that category. For this festive occasion, there is a short, short; story: titled ‘Sibling’s Forgiveness’ evoking this time of the year to forgive one another’s flaws and re-connect one another for the life is short on the earth for us the mortals.

GOTHENBURG ART MUSEUM: The facade of the Art Museum in Götaplatsen is illuminated with Pettson & Findus motifs in the form of an interactive light game and ‘lit-up or illuminated painting’. The characters are based on the fictional works of Sven Nordqvist who is also the illustrator. The light art on the art musueum of Gothenburg is open daily from 7.00-8.30 and 16.00-24.00. Here the visitors can jump on a plate or press a button that is set at the Götaplatsen.

Julstaden or the Christmas City of Gothenburg is an initiative of Göteborg & Co in cooperation with City of Gothenburg and other builders and businesses. The churches in the city ranging from German Church to Domkyrka and Haga among other have musical events for the occasion.

Ali Alhussen, a Gothenburger from Syria, says the best of December and the days around New Year in Gothenburg is – the music: music on the streets to the choir at Kungsportsplatsen and in the churches. He has adopted Gothenburg as his hometown and runs the Viking Barbershop.

Ali, Viking Barbershop: ‘Feel the music on the streets of Gothenburg’