Tips from Frida Boisen: How to Use Social Media Effectively? Video, Video, Video


Frida Boisen is an accomplished print, broadcast and digital journalist. Born in 1974, she has seamlessly embraced digital media and has emerged as a digital expert and strategist. She is the author of ‘Digital succé – så lyckas du med sociala medier’ and her latest book is ‘Digital Passion’.

In an interview with, she shares her experiences with digital media, and tips to use the social media platforms effectively, and productively. Tips from Frida are: know your goals, be on social media platforms, engage with your audience – take their opinion, put a topic or subject to vote in order to get the opinion of the audience, create videos (shorter the better: 60 seconds to couple of minutes), and try – don’t be shy.


“First of all, video, video, video. Vide is the first new language in the world really …. People are so video-focussed. So if you want to reach through (an audience) try video and also engagement. To engage with your audience, it not just putting the like thumb anymore. It is all about giving your followers the power to story-tell with interactions. Ask them.”


“The ideal time for a video … should be short, shorter than longer, preferably. Well, it is all about storytelling really as well. Think like a shark or crocodile … you have to go for it in the beginning. You cannot have a slow start in the video, at the beginning … you have to catch the attention (of your audience) right away because we never had an impatience audience like right now, so, go for it.”


“Just try, try, you have to start, first of all. Don’t be afraid, dare to try new things. Do more of what works and do less of what doesn’t work, I mean, the data is right there, you can see what works and what doesn’t work with your audience from their likes and what they don’t like the … follow your data and follow your heart as well heart. So, just try and be courageous.”

Frida says, she wants to inspire people to reach their goals by using social media let it be a manufacturer or service provider. “I like to inspire people to make the best out of social media and I think it starts with – what is our passion, what is our goal, what do we want to change, how do we grow better … to find your, know your passion and just speak it out to catch people’s attention.”