Gothenburgers Express Grief and Anguish over Cutting of Trees in Haga, Plan to Protest on Monday, 15 October 18:00


The trees in Haga, the historic part of Gothenburg aka Göteborg, is attracting residents to express their grief for the trees that are cut down and anguish over the government for going ahead with the most controversial transport project Västlänaken.

Homage is paid to the trees with candles, and notes of requests to the local government to stop the transport project called Västlänken and epitaphs for trees:

Låt mig STÅ KVAR! Stoppa Västlänken! Rädda Miljön! (Let me STAND ALONE! Stop Västlänken! Save the environment!)

VÄLKOMMEN på min begravning! Stoppa Västlänken! Bevara träden! (WELCOME to my funeral! Stop the West link! Preserve the trees!)

Because of the project Västlänken, the trees in Haga are cut down and many more will be cut down in the coming days. A resident told that the government has not considered the sentiments of the residents and the memories they cherish for the trees in Haga. Three Generations of Gothenburgers have grown up watching the trees in Haga and spending time in the vicinity or watching them pass by through trains or buses or on bicycle.

A Gothenburger who is planning to hold a protest agains the felling of trees on Monday, 15 October at 18:00 at Haga told that the issue to stop the project Västlänken is in court and the newly elected politicians (Göteborgs Stad) are about to take charge and take a decision on the matter but before that the trees are cut down.

Gothenburgers who are against Västlänken and tree-lovers are expected to gather at Haga on Monday. The West Link or Västlänken is an underground railway line aimed at to bring down the commuting or travelling time for those who alight at Gothenburg Central Station. It is an ambitious and visionary project but also turned out to be controversial and unpopular. As part of the project, stations are built at Haga and Korsvägen. The railway line is expected to help commuters living outside Gothenburg but locals are resisting the construction activity. Sensing the unpopularity of the project, Västlänken stopped putting boards outside its building sites in Gothenburg.

A politician told, “It is too late to stop the project.”