InterNations: Super End to Summer But


Members of InterNations in Gothenburg aka Göteborg gathered to celebrate the end of summer party but it ended without the sight of sunset. The organizers wished ‘let us close this unforgettable hot summer with one more party’.

Gothenburg has experienced one of the best summers this year with temperatures crossing 25°C for many days.

The party was a success with more than 100 participants from more than 39 countries but the organizers and attendees hoped for a ‘glimpse of one more beautiful sunset over the river (Göta) from the fantastic roof terrace’. Because it was cloudy day with a hint of rain throughout the day, there was no sight of sunset from the rooftop terrace of Comfort Hotel by Stenpiren the mini-transport hub by the riverside.

Lucia Stan (right) welcoming the members to the August party at Comfort Hotel

There were 6 first timers to the monthly party. Most of the members who had attended were from the UK, USA, India, Iran, Romania, Germany and Albania. There were also members from Brazil and The Gambia to Singapore.

Alexandra Olsson is a regular attendee of the InterNations’ monthly gatherings. She told why she likes to attend. “I can meet people from all over the world. People who are here are either getting married or working or going to university or going to school. People with all different backgrounds. People who want to meet other people from different cultures and talk to them. It is a great opportunity to meet new people and talk about things.”

Alexandra Olsson: A regular member of InterNations’ community in Gothenburg

InterNations was started in 2007 at Munich in Germany, and a year later in Gothenburg. Alexandra Olsson has been a member and regular visitor to the monthly gatherings for nine years. She said, “It is great fun to meet old friends whom I have met before and make lot of new friends.”

“There are people not only from different countries but there are also lot of Swedes here. Swedes who have lived in different countries or Swedes who are interested in different cultures. It is open for anybody,” said Alexandra Olsson.

Whether it is summer or fall (autumn) or winter or spring, Alexandra likes to attend the InterNations’ parties or get-togethers.

Philip Collier sporting Boutonniere and in the company of Simone from Germany

Members (non-members are also welcome but they pay SEK 130) share information with each other over issues ranging from housing to networking, and in organizing other social events. The attendees are professionals working in Sweden and also new arrivals to the city for one or the other purpose. InterNations also serves as a forum for reaching out to people to exchange information on many aspects: politics to ‘how to live in Sweden’ to languages.

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