The Soft Revolution of Goth Punk Poetry’s Lyrical Riot of Poetry …


The Soft Revolution of Goth Punk Poetry staged a spectacular show fusing poetry in spoken word, music, dance and improvisation at Teater Trixter as part of Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2020. The hour long show was ‘a lyrical riot spiced with surprises, mixing poetry, music and performance’ featuring Louise Halvardsson, Henrik Mimerson and Nadja Itäsaari. It was their third appearance in four years for the festival. Their show maybe was at the fringe festival but it was creative, experimental, innovate and engaged the audience who were more two dozen in numbers. The uniqueness of the show was the audience were part of the show, and had the chance to dance.

The show, the genre of spoken word-music-performance, featured at Teater Trixter on Friday, 4 September, 2020 at the Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2020. The staged evoked darkness and blackness reflecting the theme of the show – the current state of affairs in the society amid the pandemic– and there were masks, musical instruments, skull, skeleton, spools of red strings, and white petals of roses on the floor (the ones in the first row of the auditorium received a twig with leaves and rose).

Covid-19 measures and precautions: The entry points to Teater Trixter announced the current information about the coronavirus pandemic through the posters. At the start of the show, an organiser from the Gothenburg Fringe Festival also reminded about the pandemic and how one should exit after the show: social-distancing.

In the hour long show, Henrik Mimerson the poet recited a couple of poems with the music in the background by Louise Halvardsson and Nadja Itäsaari. Louise Halvardsson, the poet and author, recited poems, which reflected the current state of society and politics in the country and in the world. Nadja Nadja Itäsaari the songwriter and musician said the show has ‘trio that has roots in poetry, like spoken word, music and performance’ and it was ‘like the arts of doing’. She said, “Like what are we doing as humans. The whole performance’s genre is like questioning, the doing in itself.”

Louise Halvardsson, Henrik Mimerson and Nadja Itäsaari have become the first trio of aritists in the world to incorporate the theme of coronavirus pandemic into an artistic performance. Henrk noted that the covid was getting into the business in some way. He said, “It is coming. Maybe we are the first, I don’t know.”