Trams 3, 9, & 11 are Back on the Rail-Tracks


The metro rail or commuter trains 3, 9, & 11 are back on the rail-tracks to resume their complete journey from today. Tram 11 has resumed its full journey a week ago but from today onwards, trams 3 & 9 have started to trundle in Majorna without any disruption.

The commuter train in Gothenburg aka Göteborg is called tram (spårvagn – singular, spårvagnar – plural).

The tramline is the lifeline for Gothenburgers.

Because there was a repairing and re-laying of rail-tracks at Majorna, a part of the journey on trams 3, 9, & 11 was disrupted, for six weeks however there were buses for replacement.

The residents living in the nearby tram-stops of Ostindiegatan, Vagnhallen Majorna, Jaegerdorffsplatsen, Champmans Torg, Kaptensgatan and Stigbergstorget can start to take trams 3 & 9 from today. The housing in these places are sought after by people because of their quaint charm, maritime memorabilia and proximity to the River Göta, and also densely populated.

Majorna is one of the oldest parts of Gothenburg, whose habitations precede the foundation of Gothenburg in 1621.

As announced by the Västtraffik, and reported in, the rail works on the tracks are completed as announced, and the normal tram routes are restored.

Tickets are not sold on the trains in Gothenburg but one can buy a ticket via an app on their smartphone, or at the ticket dispenser in the trains, or at an office of Västtrafik or at Pressbyrån or at a corner-shop or side-shop in the city.

The local government trusts the commuters: They will travel with the ticket (unlike in other parts of the world). In Stockholm one can only get in to a train, if one has a pre-purchased ticket but this is not the case in Gothenburg – the local government trusts its residents. However, the commuters are occasionally checked by ticket inspectors whether one has a ticket or not.

One can buy a one-day travel ticket for SEK 95 or for 3 days ticket for SEK 190 for unlimited journeys but for information check Västtrafik website: