500+ Job Seekers and 25+ Recruiters Meet on Opportunity Day


A daylong event organized by Opportunity Day brought 500+ job seekers and 25+ recruiters to a platform at Clarion Hotel Post in central Gothenburg on Monday, 5 November, 2018. The organizers believe that the companies can benefit if they have employees from diversified backgrounds and also boost integration in Gothenburg for an inclusive society. Natalie Xie from China has had lived and studied in the UK, the USA but living in Sweden said ‘the event was informative’.

Some of the recruiters who came face-t-face contact with the job seekers were: Moa Lyon from Electroteam explained the opportunities for electricians in Gothenburg (a sure gateway for a secure job), Malin Johnson from rtg.se told the inquirers about the company and who they were looking for, Mats Nylen from Bergendahls El highlighted the advantages of working in electricity sector, Michael Gutheil and Vicktor Sundström from Foodora shared the advantages of being a bicycle deliverer of food in Gothenburg.

Many job seekers with immigrant background and with skills in many areas, and students came in direct contact with recruiters like rtg. (Resia Travel Group for web anyalsts), Postnord (for mail carrier, terminal workers, and drivers with B-licence), Lernia (for economists, HR, administration, logistics, engineers, operators), Adecco (for economists, installers, warehouse workers, sellers, administrators), Såklart (for window cleaners), Å (for engineers), Foodora (for food deliverers by bicycle), Clarion Post (trying to recruit people for housekeeping, banquet, breakfast, restaurant, set up), Göteborgs Stad (for people in the technical services in the construction sector), Swedbank (for advisors) among others.

“It has been a fantastic day. We are super pleased. It has been busy. More people have been here than the previous two years,” said Helena Lindahl the project leader of Opportunity Day. She said that there are companies and sponsors in Gothenburg who believe that DIVERSITY is good for businesses and does a lot for Gothenburg to be an inclusive city.

Opportunity Day is marked with two activities: a seminar in which leaders from companies share their experiences, and helping recruiters to come in direct contact with job seekers.

Mari Odenbjörk from Social Trade (Business for Inclusion), Kajsa Svensson from InterAct (Intercultural Competence, Diversity, Conflict Management, Typically Swedish, Team Development, Integration), Karim Zendegani from Göteborgs Stad (Arbetsmarknad och vuxenutbildning) Pernilla Strandberg from Badenoch & Clark, Patrik Björklund from doublegroup.se, Joel Lindefors from futerra.se, Nina Bergerheim the Business Consultant for IT companies participated in the event and shared their experiences for a better and sustainable society.

Natalie Xie said though ‘the event was informative’ but she could not find the kind of recruiters she was looking.

“Opportunity Day is focussing on companies that want to recruit, and competences with people who are living in Sweden. There are loads of them with so many competences that they cannot use today and we are creating that meeting ground for that. Welcome next year for Opportunity Day and to work for more integrated Gothenburg,” said Annie Ohlson Lidén the organizer of Opportunity Day.