Cold & Salt Bath in a Pool in Gothenburg, and for Free


The City of Gothenburg has built a small pool with sea water for the residents. It is located in Frihamnen closer to the sauna and the swimming pool. This is one of the many water facilities for recreation in the city.

The water in the pool is clean river-sea water. The water in the pool is collected from the River Göta Älv that flows into the North Sea – the water is from the estuarine of river and sea. Gothenburg is a riverside and seaside city.  When the water from surface of the river water flows into the ocean, a direct current in the depths of saltier water is mixed and pressed and flows. The salty water reaches all the way past the Lilla Bommen and into the Frihamn. The salt water formed out of the river and sea is pumped from a water intake into the salt wedge in the middle of the North Frihavn Basin

“The sea water pool is full with water ocean water and all that comes along with it. There can be algae, plankton, small animals and sometimes jellyfish/tentacles. If you are sensitive or feel any discomfort, the FRESH WATER POOL is free from animals.”

Frihamnen is part of Älvstaden in Gothenburg. (Frihamn means FREE PORT. Fri, fritt, fria are adjectives meaning free, independent, free of charge. Hamn means harbour or harbor, port, haven. En hamn –  hamnen – hamnar: A PORT – THE PORT – PORTS).

Älvstaden is the biggest urban development project in the Nordic region of Europe.

Frihamnen is a test arena for innovative urban construction ranging from innovation in urban regeneration to smart city’s sustainability with a mix of courage and curiosity.

The local government (the City of Gothenburg: Göteborgs Stad) has planned phase one of the project with a goal to have a new district with houses and utilities ranging from restaurants and offices and schools to services. The houses will be rented out and with shared ownership. Most of the buildings will have a river view: view of River Göta Älv.

A kiosk of books by the pool


Part of this urban rejuvenation and urban development in this part of Gothenburg is Julieumsparken. (Jubileum means anniversary, and Gothenburg is celebrating its 400th birth anniversary in 2021, and park means park but parken means the park). In this park, the city has created many facilities for recreation as part of its planning goal. Currently, there are many facilities available for residents and visitors: to swim, to take a sauna, to sail, to grow food, to try out Roller Derby, to spend time on the beach, to have a picnic among others. These facilities for recreation and activities are aimed to encourage people to visit the area and know the area – ‘an important tool for planning a sustainable and inclusive park’. This park with current facilities are a result of residents’ wishes – for a park that is close to the water and a place to swim right in the city for free, and many more to come by 2021: Gothenburg’s 400th birthday.


Buses 16, 31, 45, 55, 58 pass through the stop named Frihamnsporten, and you can check for precise and more information on Västtraffik.

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