Göteborg Wind Orchestra: Musical Jewel of Scandinavia


Gothenburg aka Göteborg the 400-year-old city is neither small nor big but many musical events happen across all the seasons. The choice for a resident and visitor to choose are varied: rock, hip-hop, classical, jazz, country, folk, eclectic, experimental … and also symphonies and orchestras.

Göteborg Wind Orchestra: since 1905 to 21st century …

Gothenburg Wind Orchestra (GWO) is a unique orchestra not only in Sweden but also in the world. The company organizes about 80 musical events a year, and reaches out to schools and cultural centres across Västra Götaland Region in West Sweden apart from attracting music lovers from near and far from Europe.

Being conscious of the taxpayers’ money, the sole wind orchestra is striving to overcome the challenges of the times and continue to exist, and flourish in the artistic and aesthetic aspects of people.

Kristian Jörgensen, the Chief Executive Officer of GWO, told www.gothenburg-400.com that the financial issues are the challenging part of running the company like any other cultural organization in the region. But with the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff (4), and musicians (25) the odds are surmountable, and also with the patronage from the public. This season, for all the forthcoming concerts till June, the tickets are sold out and the company is gearing up for summer and autumn with renewed vigour.

Kristian Jörgensen, the CEO of Göteborg Wind Orchestra, emphasises on taxpayers’ money and accountability to public

In an interview to gothenbur-400.com, Kristian Jörgensen shared his views and vision:

Spårvagnar the tramline of Gothenburg is the main sponsor for GWO and it has its origins from the tramline, since then to this day. As a tribute to the staff, the GWO organises an exclusive concert every year.

GWO is located in the oldest building: heritage of the structure and history of musical company makes the staff and the musicians to infuse devotion and enthuse the public with renewed commitment.