Jerk Chicken in Gothenburg: Orlando Morris’ Soul Food


Gothenburg aka Göteborg the 400-year-old city in Sweden is known for a wide variety of restaurants apart from the availability of world-class fish and shellfish dishes. The city has innovative kitchens and Michelin-starred restaurants, and food trucks. One of the food trucks sells Jamaican food and its name is Jammin Jamaican Soul Food.

Jammin Jamaican Soulfood is started by Orlando Morris. Yes, Orlando! No allusion to Orlando the city in central Florida in the USA and to Orlando: A Biography the novel written by Virginia Woolf and published in 1928.

Orlando Morris is a Jamaican Swedish living in Gothenburg. He has made Sweden his home country and has been living in Sweden for the last fifteen years. He had a wish to treat Swedes and tourists with real Jamaican food. Five years ago he started the mobile food shop and named it as Jammin  Jamaican Soulfood & Back to di Roots.


The concept for the food, the idea to start a Jamaican foodshop and designing the food truck came from Orlando Morris. met Orlando, and he shared his experience with the food truck. He said that running the food truck involves lot of work and lot of planning but with that comes lot of good food. He said, “I decided to start a foodshop. Actually in Jamaica we make so great food so we decided to call it soul food now. And here we are today in Gothenburg called Jammin Jamaican Soulfood.”

Soul food is a cuisine of African Americans and denotes to African American culture. It was popular in the second half of twentieth century especially during the Black Power movement. The soul food is also a culinary and cultural reference to home and family for all those who were uprooted from Africa and brought to America.


What is the speciality dish of Orlando for Gothenburgers and visitors to Gothenburg? Jerk Chicken! “The most important dish and the most significant dish and my best dish is jerk chicken,” said Orlando with a bang. To make jerk chicken he also made a customized grill in which he makes his ‘lovely jerk chicken’.

Jerk chicken is a native Jamaican dish of meat marinated or dry-rubbed with jerk spice: a hot spice mixture, and grilled.

The food truck can be seen in the inner city of Gothenburg such as at Gustav Adolf Torg, and Brunnsparken. One can also know in advance about the stall through its Facebook Page: Jammin Jamaican Soulfood. Orlando Morris also serves his speciality dishes at parties and festivals. His niche is also in catering and delivering Jamaican food at the events.

“Gothenburg is a nice city, the people are very nice. They support food shops in trucks,” said Orland Morris.