Samir & Viktor: ‘Don’t Stop Believing in Yourself’


The music duo and Swedish celebrities Samir & Viktor suggested to their fans and youngsters ‘not to stop believing in themselves’ in doing what they want to do in their lives.


When asked the music duo, ‘What is your suggestion to youngster or people of your age? What do you want to tell them?’ They said, “Work hard but don’t worry too much and have fun. And don’t stop believing in yourself.”

“Spend life as you care about …” said Viktor.

Samir and Viktor are two of the well-known people in Sweden especially among the youngsters. How is it to be a celebrity in Sweden? “It is funny but it is hard sometimes too,” Viktor said. “It is funny but you know it is stress … it is much stress …. We don’t have that much free time,” Samir said.

As is the case with celebrities, once the celebrity status is achieved by people the publishers will knock on the doors of celebrities. The same thing happened with Samir and Viktor. They have a ‘book’ and before it was released in the market but as part of the promotional exercise, they made their presence at the Book Fair 2018 in Gothenburg. At the venue they spoke to their fans and gave autographs and also posed for selfies with their followers.

“It is really good. It is much people. It is much energy.  And we are here to sign our …  the book is not here yet but it will come in one month,” said Viktor.

“We are here to start the show … signing (autorgraphs). To write a book about our lives,” added Samir. – Samir

The musicians released their first song ‘Success’ in 2014 and touched third place on Sverigetopplistan the Swedish Top Chart. In 2015, they participated in the Medolifestivalen with ‘Groupie’ with an aim to represent the country in Eurovision but reached only the top 10. They performed 92 times in 2017, and in 2018, they took the fourth place in the Melodifestivalen.

Their book ‘Samir & Viktor’ is published by Bookmark förlag and it is in the market.