Springing in Spring: Anemone nemorosa (Vitsippor)


Spring is in Gothenburg aka Göteborg!

In and around Gothenburg, on the slopes of hills, in the dales of valleys, on the flatbeds of streams, on the soil-filled patches of rocky mounds, in the woodlands adjacent to the houses, on the verges of roadways and in the untended parts of a park you shall see the spring plant Anemone nemorosa springing.

Anemone nemorosa or wood anemone (windflower or thimbleweed, or smell fox), is a tiny spring plant – the harbinger of Spring.

In Swedish anemone nemorosa (singular and plural) is called ‘vitsippa’ (en vitsippa – vitsippan – vitsippor).  There are different species of anemones and they are in different colours (purple, violet and yellow) in the family of Ranunculaceae.

The white-coloured anemone nemorosa is abundantly seen in Botaniska Trädgården.

The plant’s flowering season is brief: springs in early-spring and gone by the time the season settles in. Gothenburgers can see the plant and other species and genus of Ranunculaceae.

Anemone opens its petals to the sunlight, closes to the darkness, and when it rains it droops. The plant is conspicuous with its solitary flowers and distinctly divided leaves. You may also see the stamens ready for pollination.

The carpeting plant fails to draw the attention as the plants surrounding anemone put on their leaves as the spring advances and disappears.