Sweden’s ‘Boy in Bollywood’ Premiers in Gothenburg


Boy in Bollywood is a movie about a ‘spot boy’ in the movie industry of Mumbai (Bombay) the headquarters of India’s cinemas. India produces more than 700 movies a year in addition to 100 documentaries, and has a largest number of theatres after China and the USA.  

But in ‘Boy in Bollywood’ is produced by a Swedish production company called ‘Connecting Bollywood AB’ based in Malmö in Skåne, southern Sweden. Mirza Askari is the man behind the movie and has a put production team in place to film the movie in India. The movie was premiered at the 42nd Gothenburg International Film Festival 2019. He told www.gothenburg-400.com that the story of the film is a unique as it highlights the importance of a ‘spot boy’. Spot boys are personal attendants for a hero and heroine in Bollywood and other film producing cities of provincial India. Magnus Paulsson the co-producer and Stefan Olsson the marketing manager were present at the film festival along with Mirza Askari and interacted with the audience.

BOY IN BOLLYWOOD team: Mirza Askari (left), Magnus Paulsson (middle), Stefan Olsson (right)

Connecting Bollywood is attracting movie makers from all over the world to explore Sweden for its ‘unique and untapped environments available in southern Scandinavia’ and also to utilize the talent of professionals in Sweden ranging from sound engineers to musicians.  

Songs, dance and fights are the staple diets of many movies made in India but ‘Boy in Bollywood’ is without them. The movie attempts to evoke an aspect of social realism through the prism of movie.

“It is wonderful. It is a learning experience. It was not easy but you cannot say much more in thirty or forty seconds. Overall it was a great experience and it was fun,” says Mirza Aksari who played roles in the production of the movie. He is an India-born Swede living in Sweden for more than 25 years. He has two other feature films, a television series and couple of documentaries for the coming months and years. ‘Boy in Bollywood’ will be released all over the world in the coming months.