300 Priests Gather in Gothenburg for Eschatology and Theology


Domkyrkan the cathedral of Gothenburg aka Göteborg saw the gathering of 300 priests from different churches of Gothenburg Diocese for a discussion on (den frälsande domen: eskatologi och teologi i historia och nutid) – The saving judgment: Eschatology and theology in history and present. Aspects such as ‘from hell to paradise with simple ticket’, ‘Matthew calls out the depth of history: Reverse you (but why?)’, and ‘without repentance, no holiness: the secret of the kingdom of salvation’ on the occasion of Bishop’s Day on Monday, 10 September 2018.

Susanne Rappman is the first woman to become the elected Bishop of Gothenburg last year and she won with more than 70% of priests’ votes.

Ulf Sjögren, senior advisor, Gothenburg Diocese, told www.gothenburg-400.com that three hundred clergy have gathered at the cathedral which was seventy-five percent of the total clergy in order to listen to the topic spoken by three different professors from various theological disciplines. “The main topic is eschatology. What it means is to be human beings living in this world … with a hope that there is life after this and togetherness and relationship with god and eternal life.”

The occasion was also a time for reflection and how to contribute for the betterment of church goers in and around Gothenburg. Ulf noted, “What it is to live here, practising a Christian life and our relationship with god and fellow human beings.”

“Eschatology means hope. It means that god has given us life. Life with a purpose and the purpose of life is to share life and give life to the fellow men that I meet in the street it means to be a fellow being to each creature I meet and that is to uplift the dignity of every human person regardless of if that person calls him Christian or not,” said Ulf Sjögren.

Eschatology is a branch of theology. Theology is the study of divinity, religious truth, study and analysis of God and godly attributes. Eschatology is a view of life concerning what happens after death, doctrines related to matters of death and after or the end of the world. Eschatology is derived from the Greek word ‘eskhatos’ meaning last and ‘logy’ means study. The central study of eschatology is the end days of life and life after death and the end things – death, judgment, heaven, hell, the purpose or the destination of humanity (man or woman or she-man or he-woman).

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