Cultural Night at Gothenburg’s Oldest Building: Arts, Crafts, History, Horses, Music  


Eva Störholt, one of the 24 musicians of Göteborg Wind Orchestra, said it was very fun to play on the cultural night and there were so many people. She has been part of the orchestra for the past 32 years. The orchestra played music and also gave the opportunity to participants to experience to conduct a piece of music. Eva said that the interest in music in Gothenburg is the same as it was before but the support in terms of finance from government agencies is getting less.

The cultural night at took place at Gothenburg’s historical and oldest building called Kronhuset on Saturday, October 2018. Göteborg Wind Orchestra gave concerts in 3 sessions (18.00, 19.30 and 20.30 in Rikssalen floor 1 in Kronhuset): Alfvén, Festspel; Larsson, Epilogue, A winter story; Söderman, Orléan Virgo; Sergei Prokofiev’s satirical opera The Love for Three Oranges; Damberg, Swedish Air Force; Grieg, Anitras dance including music led by Niklas Willén and Susanna Palmgren.

Cultural night (kulturnatta) is one of the annual events in Gothenburg and it is this time one can also explore the oldest building in Gothenburg.

HORSE RIDES: Bengt Grundllund and Lisa were clad in medieval attire with guns and their 22- and 24-year-old horses. Bengt was clad in the attire of a king’s guard (Carl X, XI, XII). They gave the chance for the visitors to go on a horse ride.

CIRCUS: Carin Pinner from showcased her skills in atmospheric fire shows. She is part of an arts group that also performs innovative choreography that includes fire artists, dancers, jugglers and acrobats.

MEDIEVAL ATTIRE: Ulf Leonardsson, Katarina Ulfvensköld, and Louise Falk with her baby dressed up to the medieval times as Gothenburgers did. Ulf said that he has a ‘major interest in history and historical events’ as an amateur historian. The attire he dressed was that of an upper-middle-class man (bourgeois) and the quality of material differentiated whether one belonged to upper middle-class or lower middle class and the style of the dress was more English than French.

LIVE PAINTING: Eva Wirén from Q’ENTE – Ateljé & Galleri started the cultural night by painting on a fabric and inviting visitors to take part in it in order to produce a collective painting. She said the objective was to enable people to explore arts and bring out their feelings and enliven their senses.

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