Gothenburg Cheers, Sweden Wins against Mexico: 3-0


14,000 Gothenburgers gathered to watch Sweden playing against Mexico at the Ullevi Stadium in central Gothenburg for the crucial match. People from different parts of the city gathered with a sense of optimism that Sweden will win the match because if it would have lost, and it was over.

But Sweden played unlike the last match, and banged three goals against Mexico. Now Sweden moves to the next stage of the FIFA World Cup 2018, and also emerged as the number one team in the Group F.

Mexico though lost badly against Sweden it breathed a sigh of relief as it also passed through the knock out stage because Germany lost to South Korea on the same day.

The goals were scored by Ludwig Augustinsson, Andreas Granqvist and Edison Álvarez (Edison is the Mexican player but scored for Sweden, unwittingly).

Sweden played against Mexico in Group F in the FIFA World Cup 2018 at Yekaterinburg the Russian city in the east of the Ural Mountains.

Gothenburg gasped as the day’s temperatures steadily rose crossing 25°C. The temperate city in the north turned out to be like a tropical city in the south. With the good weather, Many Gothenburgers came out of their houses to watch the crucial match, Sweden playing against Mexico in Group F, and gathered at the pubs, and homes but the biggest gathering in the city was the Ullevi the football stadium.

A manager of the Ullevi stadium told www.gothenburg-400-com about 14,000 people had come to the stadium to watch the match on the giant screen. The stadium is the biggest stadium in West Stadium, opened in 958, and it was enlarged to accommodate more people for the World Athletics Championships in 1995, and subsequently in 2012. The stadium has a capacity for 43,000 seated spectators and can hold 75,000 spectators for musical events.

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