Journey of Soul


Scientifically and religiously, one of the widely debated aspects of humanity since eons ago to the digital times is about the soul.

Richard Dawkins the biologist and author has written a book about soul titled ‘SCIENCE IN THE SOUL’. He is known for atheistic stance, and for attacking the existence of God but highlighting the wonders of nature and attacking the illogical logic. The book ‘SCIENCE IN THE SOUL’ is a collection of 42 essays, polemics and paeans.

Hare Krishna (Iskcon) Temple in Gothenburg is organising a lecture on soul this weekend. One can get the chance to listen about the soul from a different perspective, and also to ask questions.

Richard Dawkins is a fellow of the Royal Society and was the inaugural holder of the Charles Simonyi Chair of Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He is the acclaimed author of many books, including The Selfish Gene, The… More about Richard Dawkins

Is there a soul?

Is there a soul in the human body?

What happens to the soul when the person ceases in the body?

Will the soul transmigrate from the human body to another planet or platform of unseen hemisphere?

Is there a life to soul after the human being ceases in the body?

Why do some people alter their lives, live ascetically, to have a better spiritual life?

Dhriashanta Das Goswami Maharaj is a Vaishnava monk is giving a lecture on “Atma in Transit” at 6PM on Friday, 23 March 2018 at Govindas in Gothenburg. The monk’s lecture will focus on the journey of the soul.

On Saturday, 24 March, Dhirashanta Das Goswami Maharaj will participate in the celebrations of Sri Rama Navami the birthday of the Indian God Lord Ram the protagonist of Ramayana the defining religious mythology of Hindus in India, Nepal and across the world of Hindu Diaspora. On this special Saturday, the monk will talk about the life and times of Lord Ram aka Sri Ramachandra or Ramacandras. The lecture is followed by a feast at the temple premised in Govindas the restaurant.

Philip the Swede from southeast Sweden, currently residing in Gothenburg, is an adherent of Hindu philosophy. He told www.gothenburg-400-com that he would be attending the lecture of Dhriashanta Das Goswami Maharaj because he is curious to know about the soul, and the reincarnation of soul.