Moderaterna (The Moderate Party): Ulf Kristersson the next Prime Minister of Sweden?


Swedish Elections 2018 are scheduled to take place on Sunday, 9 September 2018, for the formation of local, regional and national governments. One of the parties that is hoping to form the next national government is the Moderate Party (Moderaterna, M).

Moderaterna is the second largest party in the 2014 Swedish elections winning 83 out of 349 Parliament seats after the Social Democratic Party or S (113) and followed by Swedish Democratic Party or SD (42). The party is currently headed by Ulf Kristersson and it hopes to better on Sunday but according to the opinion polls, the party is falling behind SD.

Lars Hjälmered, 41, is one of the party’s candidate for the Swedish Parliament from Gothenburg. He said that on Sunday’s elections neither the Left-the Green-the Labour (Social Democratic Party) nor the Right (Swedish Democratic Party) will be able to get the required mandate and there will be a hung parliament. In that case, Lars predicted that Moderaterna and the parties in the alliance will be able to form the government led by Ulf Kristersson.

Ulf Kristersson

Ulf Kristersson the next Prime Minister of Sweden?

Ulf Kristersson has emerged as the Prime Ministerial candidate of his party and three other political parties in alliance (Christian Democrats or KD, Liberals or Liberalerna and the Centre Party or Centerpartiet). If these parties do better on Sunday, 9 September 2018 than they did in 2014, there is a possibility for him to be the Prime Minister. Assuming if the alliance is short of majority in the Parliament, Lars reckoned, still, Ulf Kristersson can still form the government with the direct or indirect support of other political party.  Will that be Swedish Democratic Party (SD)? There are reservations within the alliance parties in taking the support of SD but there is a possibility.

“Mr Löfven the Prime Minister of Sweden has to resign on Sunday. Either he has to do it by himself after the elections or (it could happen) by the no-confidence vote – he will have to resign and the new parliament will elect a new leader,” Lars told “I think it will be Ulf Kristersson.”

Lars said that his priorities in Gothenburg are to talk to people and gathering information as to what they want. He ascertained that his priorities would be to improve healthcare, schools, security, and housing.