‘Opportunity Day’ for Companies and Job Seekers on Monday 5 November 2018: Free Entry

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Companies and their recruiters will gather to meet people seeking employment in and around Gothenburg aka Göteborg especially with overseas and ethnic background, and there will be representatives from business community to share their views and experiences ranging from chances to challenges in the country.

Opportunity Day is organized by O-Zone, at Clarion Hotel Post on 5 November 2018 and the programme starts at 8AM.

Anyone can participate in the event and it is free but registration is required as there are limited number of seats.  Opportunity Day is an event that aims to contribute to ‘opportunities for integration of a labor market with a lack of competence’.

A range of questions will be addressed during the day such as: How do we go from corporate social responsibility to business opportunity? Can trauma be a driving force? From exalted to exciting: how can the change be communicated creatively? Is robot the future’s non-recruitment recruitment?

Helena Lindahl, the Project Leader of Opportunity Days, says about the importance and significance of Opportunity Day: “This year as during previous years the purpose of Opportunity Day is to provide a platform that enables companies based in and around Gothenburg and job seekers with foreign background to meet. Many business owners proclaims that they see the benefits of a multicultural working environment but finds it difficult to come in contact with job seekers with other ethnicities. At Opportunity Day there is a chance to meet. And together we work towards a more integrated society.”

The one-day session, on Monday 5 November, is aimed to benefit recruiters and jobseekers. “Companies that want to recruit in new channels, expand and widen their vision and want to find the competences they seek in a new demographic. Job seekers from many different countries and backgrounds with all kinds of experience will attend. Last year over 500 enthusiastic job seekers came to meet the 25 companies. Anyone who believe in the power of the meeting between people and wants to make a change. And anyone who knows the importance and benefits of integration. Or the once that needs to see those benefits,” Helena says.

REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE: To register, please check the website www.opportunityday.se


During the one-day session there will be representatives from about 25 companies and people with all kinds of competences will be represented who share their views. Some of the represented companies this year are Arcitify, Bergendahls El, ÅF, Ecofleet and Clarion. Key speakers are Joel Lindefors from Futerra AB, Omar Alshogre the Syrian-Swedish; Åsa Edman Källströmer from TNG Group and Tengai, Markus Brink from Erlandsson Bygg and Charbél Gabro from Integrere Flera.

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Opportunity Day: www.opportunityday.se

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