Sweden Beats Switzerland: 1-0, Gothenburg Bursts of Celebration


Sweden entered the quarter finals of FIFA World Cup Football 2018 by beating Switzerland at St Petersburg in Russia on Tuesday, 3 July 2018. This is the first time since 1994 that Sweden has entered the last 8, or the quarter finals.

A Swedish fan in central Gothenburg looking for a suitable spot to watch the critical match

It is also the first time since 1958 that Sweden has won back to back world cup matches – in this world cup, they beat Mexico by 3 goals, and Switzerland by a goal. Eight of Sweden’s last nine world cup match goals were scored in the second half of the matches. It means Swedish players played with determination, and not giving up under pressure.

The goal for Sweden was scored by Emil Forsberg at the 66th minute, and the Swedes dominated the rest of the game against Swiss players.

Gothenburgers assembled on Avenyn to watch the match

Gothenburg celebrated the moment the final whistle was blown, and the match was over against Switzerland. At Götaplatsen the cultural epicentre of the city, some fans were so happy that they could not resist from soaking themselves in the fountain of Poseidon.

Gothenburgers celebrated the victory by coming out on to the streets unlike never before in decades. Avenyn the boulevard of Göteborg or the High Street of Gothenburg was full of people cheering up one another, and celebrating in cafes and bars. The feeling for Sweden, the unity among people that we are Swedes was all round.

Climbing a tree for a better view: cheering for Sweden

To watch the match, Gothenburgers had many avenues, not only in the pubs and at their homes, but collectively at Ullevi Stadium and by Stora Teatern. Because the public broadcaster SVT did not broadcast the match, some were disappointed, and had to find other ways.

Many came out of their homes and joined their friends and colleagues. Avenyn was packed with people, and at Stora Teatern people climbed trees and poles to watch for it was a crucial match.

Watching the match with bated breath

The next match will be on Saturday, 7 July 2018 at 4 pm, against England.

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