2500 Children and Youth from Sweden and 16 Other Countries for SIDE BY SIDE by El Sistema in Gothenburg


Children and young people from different socio-economic backgrounds gathered at Scandinavium and sang songs and played music in orchestra on Saturday, 18 June 2019. The musical event was organised Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and SIDE BY SIDE by El Sistema in Sweden.

Rasul, one of the participants, said that the event evoked many feelings in him. “There were actually lots of feelings which of them to express… It was really fun. We are too many people from different countries and cultures. We don’t speak the same language and we may not be from the same country but the only language we have is music. We get everybody together in the Side by Side.”

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Petra Kloo Vik the leader of the international music camp said since the beginning of Side by Side the number of participants has been growing from 600. “From the first year there is somebody, and they came. Somebody is coming. Somebody wants to come. They came. First year it was 600, then the camp has been growing two and three hundred people every year,” she said in an interview with www.gothenburg-400.com “I guess we are doing something right. The word is quality. We really want to do this for real. We want to give things for children that we give for professional musicians the best technicians the best acoustics the best teachers the best venues the best role models.”

The venue for the event was at Scandinavium – one of the event arenas of Got Event which operates some of Sweden’s most popular venues such as Bravida Arena, Frölundaborg, Gamla Ullevi, Lisebergshallen, Scandinavium, Ullevi, Valhallabadet, Valhalla IP, Wallenstamhallen and Valhalla Sporthall. Scandinavium has a maximum capacity to accommodate 14,000 audience, and also the home venue of Frölunda Indians, champion horses and magical music.

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