Advice, Advise, Advisory, Adviser or Advisor


Advice, Advise, Advisory, Adviser or Advisor

Following a spell of unusual mood swings, the husband has decided to seek advice from a psychiatrist though his wife advised him to see a psychologist.

Advice is a noun.

Advice means to give counsel, to give an expert opinion on something to someone, guidance, help, and suggestions as how to make things better for oneself.

Parents often give advice (noun) to the children on many aspects of everyday life.

Advice is words offered as a recommendation or suggestion about future action or behavior upon which the recipient (of words) may act.

Advice is the information given to a person.

Advice is the news of a subject or a political event given to the person who seeks it, usually paid.

You seek advice from parents when you feel they are qualified to give advice.

You seek advice from your treacher as how to improve your graders or in learning an aspect of a subject.

Uncountable nouns are always singular, but cannot be preceded by a or an such as advice, bread, damage, information, transport, wheat. They have no plural form, and are always followed by a singular ver.

Some advice for you? An advice?

Advise is a verb.

Advise means to offer an advice, or suggestion; to inform, notify.

Parents advise (verb) children to keep away from bad friends.

The doctor advises the patients following a diagnosis.

He makes a living out of advising people.

Advisable and advised are adjectives: advisable means to be recommend, expedient; and its noun form is advisability. Advised means deliberate, expedient; and advisedly is an adverb.

What is advisable to you may not be advisable to her.

Advisory is an adjective: it means someone having the power to give an advice. When internal disturbances happen in a country, other countries could issue an advisory to their citizens not to travel to that country.

Prominent people could be appointed in advisory roles in public life: adviser of arts & culture, policy formulations, and others.

Adviser is a person who advises abot something to someone. Usually, advisers are experts in the respective fields such as giving advice on financial matters such as investments, pensions stocks and shares; political issues, on me.

The variant form of adviser is advisor: both are acceptable spellings but advisor is preferred in the US.

The political executives of a country such as the Prime Minister or President will have a media adviser, political adviser among others to guide them, or in giving inputs when taking decisions.

Financial advisers are in demand especially when there is an economic depression, or when someone has disposable incomes (where to invest, and he or she may need an advice from an expert).

Advisedly is an adverb acting or doing something after careful thought, or deliberation.

Copyeditors and subeditors use words in constructing sentences advisedly.